scrape through

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scrape through

vb (adverb)
1. (intr) to manage or survive with difficulty
2. to succeed in with difficulty or by a narrow margin: he scraped through by one mark.
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ليَتَجَنَّب الفَشَل فَقَط
taktak prolézt
klare sig med nød og næppe
skríîa í gegn, takast meî herkjum
ledva preliezť
paçayı zor kurtarmakzar zor başarmak

w>scrape through

vi (lit, object) → gerade so durchgehen; (person)sich durchzwängen; (in exam) → durchrutschen (inf)
vi +prep obj narrow gapsich durchzwängen durch; examdurchrutschen durch (inf)
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(skreip) verb
1. to rub against something sharp or rough, usually causing damage. He drove too close to the wall and scraped his car.
2. to clean, clear or remove by rubbing with something sharp. He scraped his boots clean; He scraped the paint off the door.
3. to make a harsh noise by rubbing. Stop scraping your feet!
4. to move along something while just touching it. The boat scraped against the landing-stage.
5. to make by scraping. The dog scraped a hole in the sand.
1. an act or sound of scraping.
2. a mark or slight wound made by scraping. a scrape on the knee.
3. a situation that may lead to punishment. The child is always getting into scrapes.
ˈscraper noun
a tool or instrument for scraping, especially one for scraping paint and wallpaper off walls etc.
scrape the bottom of the barrel
to (be obliged to) use the least useful, efficient, person or thing available. We're short of players for the game but including John would really be scraping the bottom of the barrel.
scrape through
to only just avoid failing. He scraped through his exams.
scrape together/up
to manage (with difficulty) to find (enough). I'll try to scrape a team together for tomorrow's game.
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