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scrap·py 1

adj. scrap·pi·er, scrap·pi·est
Composed of scraps; fragmentary: scrappy evidence.

scrap′pi·ly adv.
scrap′pi·ness n.

scrap·py 2

adj. scrap·pi·er, scrap·pi·est
1. Quarrelsome; contentious. See Synonyms at argumentative.
2. Full of fighting spirit.

scrap′pi·ly adv.
scrap′pi·ness n.
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Noun1.scrappiness - the trait of being scrappy and pugnacious
combativeness, militance, militancy - a militant aggressiveness
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The quality or state of being argumentative:
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e-î sem er samhengislaust
parça parça olmayarım yamalaklık


n (of knowledge)Lückenhaftigkeit f; she apologized for the scrappiness of the mealsie entschuldigte sich für das zusammengestoppelte Essen
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(skrӕp) noun
1. a small piece or fragment. a scrap of paper.
2. (usually in plural) a piece of food left over after a meal. They gave the scraps to the dog.
3. waste articles that are only valuable for the material they contain. The old car was sold as scrap; (also adjective) scrap metal.
4. a picture etc for sticking into a scrapbook.
verbpast tense, past participle scrapped
to discard. They scapped the old television set; She decided to scrap the whole plan.
ˈscrappy adjective
made up of bits and pieces. a scrappy meal.
ˈscrappily adverb
ˈscrappiness noun
ˈscrapbook noun
a book with blank pages on which to stick pictures etc. The actor kept a scrapbook of newspaper cuttings about his career.
scrap heap
a heap of waste material, unwanted objects etc.
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But that was where the action ended as both sides' football deteriorated into an exchange of mistakes, misplaced passes and general scrappiness.
And another thing was our scrappiness. We grinded through a very tough match and it's good to have those early on like this."
"Samara was rightfully interested in making sure Grace had a real scrappiness to her and a core strength and that she was never just going to be the damsel in distress," said Bettinelli-Olpin.
He might have looked like no match for Joshua, but once hands started flying, he showed the type of scrappiness and offense that fight fans love.
The nature of this manuscript's decoration (and scrappiness in general) points to a work-a-day institutional context where it changed hands and abode more than once.
This forces scrappiness, focus, and out-of-the-box thinking.
The game started well with Town settling despite the scrappiness of Roundhill.
OLIVER Roberts believes Huddersfield Giants are close to winning games and getting points on the board - but knows that scrappiness was in abundance in the opening two fixtures.
So it's not all scrappiness. There's skill there too.
Dellavedova's scrappiness endeared him to Cleveland fans during his three seasons with the Cavs, who didn't re-sign the player known as "Delly" after winning the 2016 title.
"It sounds odd for a Fortune 1 company, but we're operating at a level of scrappiness and speed that reminds me exactly of the early days of building Bonobos.
And we saw what we love in founders: a lot of scrappiness, resourcefulness, they treat our money like their own, and they have a little bit of a chip on their shoulder.