scratch along

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Verb1.scratch along - manage one's existence barely; "I guess I can squeeze by on this lousy salary"
get by, grapple, make do, cope, manage, contend, deal, make out - come to terms with; "We got by on just a gallon of gas"; "They made do on half a loaf of bread every day"
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"Ah, just wait till the carriage goes and the nice clothes and the servants, and we have to scratch along as we can.
Partners Malcolm Jordan and John Harding began from scratch along with Malcolm's son Paul.
It left a large 10ft scratch along the side of the car, but my attitude was 'tough luck'.
Work was to begin to ensure every bus stop was up to scratch along the The No 65 route which started at Whitby but joined the borough at Boulby, ran through Easington, Loftus, Carlin How, Brotton, Skelton and Guisborough to Ormesby, at the western boundary.
It even reduces the chance of my Lamborghini having a nasty scratch along the side in the morning.
Unknown object used to scratch along near side panels of vehicle.
its fluffy hatchlings scratch along ...-- it says to itself: we are
The odd man out was winger Stanislav Chistov, who was a healthy scratch along with defenseman Jason York.
Lee had built up his business from scratch along with his business partner of 14 years, Eric Bowerbank.