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A drawing board coated with white clay and a surface layer of black ink that is scratched or scraped away to produce an effect similar to engraving. Also called scraperboard.


a board whose coating scraped off as a picture is etched or drawn onto it


(ˈskrætʃˌbɔrd, -ˌboʊrd)

a cardboard coated with impermeable white clay and covered by a layer of ink that is scratched or scraped in patterns revealing the surface below.
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The David Adler Music and Arts Center will host an exhibition by members of the Lake County Art League featuring paintings, photography, sketches and scratchboard works by Chris Tanner, Leslie Scott, Jeff Harold, Maggie Kraus and Susan Schneider.
As an alternate method of applying the glue, we used old wooden stylus sticks left over from scratchboard projects that we repeatedly dipped into small cups of glue and drew short strokes along the contour lines.
The exhibition features Wildlife Conservation using scratchboard and clayboard art as a medium.
Beautiful illustrations of dark portraits of Mentu and Twi and the other African people are rendered on scratchboard and painted with dyes and acrylic.
Martha Kuhlman's analysis of three versions of Kafka's Metamorphosis--an original that itself combines interpretive moves with creative impulses--finds success with artists who "adapt a multivalent text into an equally multivalent medium" (207), employing panel alignments, scratchboard backgrounds, and additional narrative sequences.
Kids Drawing lets children unleash their artistic side, with a drawing application, coloring book, sandbox and a scratchboard.
She manages this with traditional media such as printmaking, acrylic paint, and scratchboard, as well as modern digital methods.
The scratchboard works are also outstanding, from a view of one of Petra's buildings seen through a gap in the rocks to a plethora of umbrellas along the shore of the Ganges River.
Mawson and his men are small in an infinity of gloomy greyness, the land is as furrowed as a ploughed field in drifts of snow turned to ice, crevasses open up into great inky blue abysses; Gouldthorpe has masterfully depicted Mawson's experience in painted full-page and spread scenes as well as scratchboard vignettes that illustrate the small details from the golden age of Antarctic exploration.
Members of the society will be displaying their pastels, watercolors, oil and acrylic paintings, jewelry, sculpture, collages and scratchboard art for the annual juried show, which will take place this weekend, May 17-19.
Thick, textured paint in shades of brown, peachy beige, and bluish grey, detailed in black line and frequent scratchboard like technique, sets off the rich, fiery tone of Fox's fur and allows readers to sense the excitement and danger that his presence engenders in Magpie' (Scheps, 2001).
It is also an art primer with its subject, swirls, gloriously presented as finely lined scratchboard illustrations.