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adj. scratch·i·er, scratch·i·est
1. Marked by or consisting of scratches: scratchy handwriting.
2. Making a harsh scratching noise: a scratchy voice; a scratchy record.
3. Harsh and irritating: a scratchy fabric.
4. Irregular; uneven: played a scratchy stroke.

scratch′i·ly adv.
scratch′i·ness n.


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I thought they started very scratchily, especially with the ball; there were a lot of errors early on.
Frankie's Promise again jumped a little scratchily, but there was quite a bit to take from his staying-on third over two miles.
Scratchily at first then fluently, they added 153, a seventh-wicket record in this fixture, to lift their side back into the match.
In 38 overs, scratchily at first then fluently, they added 153, a seventh-wicket record in this fixture, to lift their side back into the match.
Kathryn grew up absorbing the district's traditions first-hand from family and neighbours and the show began to take shape after she began transcribing dozens of conversations and musical exchanges with those same local people, lovingly if scratchily preserved on cassette as she'd learned her craft.
But that was before a scratchily funky version of True Faith, complete with seizure-inducing lightshow and Peter Saville-esque images projected on to a large screen.
Trott, who batted scratchily down the order in the second innings, was described by coach Andy Flower as "still in a bit of discomfort and nowhere near 100 percent yet".
Instead we watched as his other half had to wriggle out of the passenger door, to direct him, deep and scratchily, into his own bit of hedgerow, to unblock the new blockage he'd caused.
The parakeet scratchily rustled its wings as it joined the ducks, swooping onto the surface of the water with a thud, riding along for a brief moment before flying off giddily to join the gulls.
The All Blacks have not been in sparkling form this summer, sharing a series with France that turned out far more physical than expected and then scratchily subduing Italy 27-6.
Last year, they started scratchily and then came on strong in the second half of the campaign to claim second place in the Magners League behind the Ospreys.
His mount Oceanos Des Obeaux (15-2) was not offering any hope for much of the two miles and a furlong as he moved along scratchily at the rear.