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adj. scratch·i·er, scratch·i·est
1. Marked by or consisting of scratches: scratchy handwriting.
2. Making a harsh scratching noise: a scratchy voice; a scratchy record.
3. Harsh and irritating: a scratchy fabric.
4. Irregular; uneven: played a scratchy stroke.

scratch′i·ly adv.
scratch′i·ness n.
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Noun1.scratchiness - the roughness of a substance that causes abrasionsscratchiness - the roughness of a substance that causes abrasions
raggedness, roughness - a texture of a surface or edge that is not smooth but is irregular and uneven
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إحْداثُ صَريرٍ أو خَرْبَشَه
e-î sem getur rispaî/skrámaî


nKratzen nt
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(skrӕtʃ) verb
1. to mark or hurt by drawing a sharp point across. The cat scratched my hand; How did you scratch your leg?; I scratched myself on a rose bush.
2. to rub to relieve itching. You should try not to scratch insect bites.
3. to make by scratching. He scratched his name on the rock with a sharp stone.
4. to remove by scratching. She threatened to scratch his eyes out.
5. to withdraw from a game, race etc. That horse has been scratched.
1. a mark, injury or sound made by scratching. covered in scratches; a scratch at the door.
2. a slight wound. I hurt myself, but it's only a scratch.
3. in certain races or competitions, the starting point for people with no handicap or advantage.
ˈscratchy adjective
ˈscratchiness noun
scratch the surface
to deal too slightly with a subject. We started to discuss the matter, but only had time to scratch the surface.
start from scratch
to start (an activity etc) from nothing, from the very beginning, or without preparation. He now has a very successful business but he started from scratch.
up to scratch
at or to the required or satisfactory standard. Your work does not come up to scratch.
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Some of the symptoms of dry eye include blurry vision, burning, and scratchiness. Tear duct plugs block the tear drainage channel located in the inner corner of the eye.
Finn, Targhee, Dorset, and Jacob are other good medium wools to start on, and if you're very sensitive to scratchiness, Shetland sheep produce a fine, soft wool that's still easy to spin.
People talk about the red tide tickle, sort of a scratchiness or soreness in the throat as well as a cough," said Acey Albert, M.D., a board certified internist and pediatrician in Palm Beach, Fla.
Yet again there was a scratchiness about the Wearsiders' early football but they were able to ride their luck, then show the sort of ruthlessness that is so essential.
The scratchiness was so prominent that we could actually hear the stem scratching on the inside.
There was hint of scratchiness to the start of his innings, but the confidence and comfort came very soon.
"The scratchiness in my voice just seemed to linger on and on and on," Hughes said during his initial visit that December in the Northbrook office of Dr.
Liz sat upon that third-floor, brand-new, living room rug as she cited its scratchiness and too-small-for-the-space proportion.
(Answers will vary but may include pitch, volume, and scratchiness.)
A 2016 study found that omega-3s--when taken for 12 weeks as part of a formula that also provided vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants--reduced a wide range of dry eye symptoms including stinging, conjunctiva redness, scratchiness, blurred vision, and painful and tired eyes.
The composite score of the SPEED questionnaire is obtained by summing the scores from the frequency and severity of four symptoms of dry eye including (1) dryness or grittiness or scratchiness, (2) soreness or irritation, (3) burning or watering, and (4) eye fatigue.
The discomfort is mainly due to tickle, itch, prickle, scratchiness, fiber shedding, and all other factors that could irritate the patients during the long-time ECG monitoring.