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Verb1.scraunch - make a crushing noise; "his shoes were crunching on the gravel"
make noise, noise, resound - emit a noise
crump, scrunch, thud - make a noise typical of an engine lacking lubricants
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Figure 2: English monosyllables letters examples 7 SQUEEZE, SCREECH, STRETCH, SCRATCH, STRANGE, SQUELCH, SCRUNCH, THOUGHT, BROUGHT 8 SCROUNGE, SCRAUNCH, BROUGHAM, STRAIGHT, STRENGTH, SQUEEZED, THOUGHTS, STRESSED, STRIPPED 9 SQUELCHED, STRETCHED, SCROUNGED, STRENGTHS, SCREECHED, SCRATCHED, SCRUNCHED, STRAIGHTS 10 SCRAUNCHED Considerable quantities of ink have been spilled through the years in an attempt to prove that English really does have more examples in the 10 letter category.
SQUELCHED, STRENGTHS) and occasionally ten letters (SCRAUNCHED).
If you're going to say that ten-letter SCRAUNCHED has one syllable, then I suppose you could argue that the eleven-letter SQUIRRELLED or BROUGHAMMED have one syllable.