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1. A high-pitched, strident cry.
2. A sound suggestive of this cry: the screech of train brakes.
v. screeched, screech·ing, screech·es
To utter in a screech or high-pitched voice.
1. To cry out in a high-pitched, strident voice.
2. To make a sound suggestive of a screech: Tires screeched on the wet pavement.

[Alteration of obsolete scrich, from Middle English scrichen, to screech, perhaps of Scandinavian origin; akin to Old Norse skrækja.]

screech′er n.
screech′i·ness n.
screech′y adj.
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adj, -ier or -iest
loud and shrill
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Adj.1.screechy - having or making a high-pitched sound such as that made by a mouse or a rusty hinge
high-pitched, high - used of sounds and voices; high in pitch or frequency
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References in classic literature ?
I begged, and told him I was only Huck; but he laughed SUCH a screechy laugh, and roared and cussed, and kept on chasing me up.
Van Horn sent Tambi below to bring up the small phonograph and run off the dozen or so scratchy, screechy records that had already been under the needle a thousand times.
Some say she's a bit screechy. But, regardless, this song will be in any motivational playlist.
New York Post's Johnny Oleksinski says, 'The message of the screechy new kids' movie 'UglyDolls' may appear to be 'Be yourself,' but the real takeaway here is 'Buy our merch!'
"Little" Teen Marsai Martin establishes herself as a comic force of nature in an otherwise conventional, screechy body-switch comedy.
Anders used the same frantic style in Horrible Bosses 2 and Daddy's Home -- and both were funny in the same limited way, a case of screechy cartoons talking past each other.
The party is worried and this is obvious from its statements which are going from shrill to positively screechy. The division of opinion over the Public Accounts Committee chair going to the PML-N's Shahbaz Sharif is a case in point.
While the two brothers and their melodramatic sister played with screechy candour by Dolly Ahluwalia (every family has one of those) try to behave with suitable solemnity oneA mother(Seema Pahva, delightfully scheming and harassed) gets into fixing a suitable match for her daughter right there in the hospital corridor.
At school, in the new classroom out the back, in a kind of a caravan, with Ms Thomas blaring her screechy voice at the kids all day, I kept my head down.
His face remains wooden as he rattles off statistics about his own success rate, but the same couldn't be said about Fadnis, who's gratingly screechy and hysterical in most scenes.
The show ends on a spectacular high, with Flavia and one of her partners alone on the stage but for a fiddler playing a mournful, screechy staccato tune.