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Noun1.screen door - a door that consists of a frame holding metallic or plastic nettingscreen door - a door that consists of a frame holding metallic or plastic netting; used to allow ventilation and to keep insects from entering a building through the open door; "he heard the screen slam as she left"
door - a swinging or sliding barrier that will close the entrance to a room or building or vehicle; "he knocked on the door"; "he slammed the door as he left"
screen - a protective covering consisting of netting; can be mounted in a frame; "they put screens in the windows for protection against insects"; "a metal screen protected the observers"
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An instant later the screen doors flew open, and two men rushed in--just as Jurgis was getting to his feet again, foaming at the mouth with rage, and trying to tear his broken arm out of its bandages.
and the packet landed exactly as it was intended, on the corn husk mat in front of the screen door.
I wish there was a long, long row of houses each with a corn husk mat and a screen door in the middle, and a newspaper to throw on every one
Lighting a lamp, Wing Bid- dlebaum washed the few dishes soiled by his simple meal and, setting up a folding cot by the screen door that led to the porch, prepared to undress for the night.
Additionally, to its Trainguard MT CBTC solution, Siemens would also provide an intrusion prevention system and platform screen doors.
Of the 24 bus stations, 10 are in Rawalpindi and 14 are in Islamabad, and come equipped with 83 escalators, 83 elevators and 432 automatic platform screen doors.
The system will have 68 stations with Platform Screen Doors.
The DMRC has begun installing platform screen doors at the Chawri Bazar station the on Jahangirpuri-- Huda City Centre corridor while work at five other stations will begin by next month.
They will work together to create a fully automated, driverless metro system that includes 75 sets of three-car trains, platform screen doors, tracks, a railway yard and systems for signalling, power distribution, telecoms and tunnel ventilation.
The first in the world to have platform screen doors at all 11 stations, the electrically powered tram is designed to be one of the safest across the globe.
We custom make screen doors for clients who can't resist that nostalgic touch:"