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 (skrēn′kăp′) or screen capture
2. A still image taken from a movie or television program.
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Screencap of Henry Selick giving an interview with movieweb, March 15, 2015 -- movieweb/Youtube Channel CAIRO -- 15 March 2018: Netflix has brought the rights to begin producing a new stop-motion film by director Henry Selick, with "Get Out" director Jordan Peele and comedic actor Keegan-Michael Key on-board.
He meant "roommates," but I've saved a screencap of that conversation for years just for the laughs.
An image showing another female member's posterior bent over a piece of gym equipment had the word "blueridgegirls" branded over her and another screencap from the video reads "humpday.
Gently knock the screen twice with a knuckle to take a screencap, draw an 'S' with a knuckle to capture a longer page, or be more precise by knocking and dragging your knuckle across the screen for a partial screenshot.
Anyone with access to screencap software can make video content easily --whether it's for Maths, Science, Languages or Arts.
Ives said he had never seen the 2006 promotional video and did not participate in its production; while a photograph of him appears at the 36-second mark, and is the screencap for the online clip, he said the uniform was Photoshopped onto him.
But, as technical communicators, we often expose our Internet-connected computers to the same risk and vulnerabilities for crackers--people who maliciously break into computers (called cracking)--to come along and access our files, explore our computers, screencap what we're working on, swipe files, plant files, reboot our computers, and do so without our even knowing we've been victimized.
Screencap from the film's trailer, March 10, 2018 -- YouTube/FoxSearchlight CAIRO -- 11 March 2018: With the curtains coming to a close over the 90th Annual Academy Awards, one strange little film that's been receiving quite a lot of buzz online walks away with the Oscar statuette for 'Best Motion Picture of the Year'; Guillermo Del Toro's "The Shape of Water".
Manzano showed a screencap of what seemed to be a text message from his mother: 'Am against cutting the budget of CHR.
The original post has since been revised, but we were fortunate enough to screencap it.
Screencap of MB Video Team demonstrating 3D touch feature of iPhone 6s
Screencap showcasing the cast of Orange is the New Black, March 8, 2018 -- Netflix/Youtube CAIRO -- 8 March 2018: It's International Women's Day, making it a good idea to celebrate the occasion by taking a look at some of the best Netflix has to offer in regards to programming featuring strong female characters.