screw key

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Noun1.Screw key - a wrench for turning a screwscrew key - a wrench for turning a screw  
spanner, wrench - a hand tool that is used to hold or twist a nut or bolt
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One chip splitter per edge 1 no body10 no clamping /torx screw 1 no clamping/torx key 05 no carbide guide pad10 no guide pad screw1 no pad screw key. Other accessories like stop pin, stop pin screw should be included with 10 no each, if any provision to completed the gun drill.other technical detail as per attached annexure to p.i.821182038 qty: 4 st
Projects in the book include a warded lock with a key, a three-number combination lock, an antique lever lock with a key, a railroad switch lock with a key, an antique push key lever lock with a key, a push-button combination lock, a Chinese lock, a screw key lock, and a giant antique lever lock.
Use a 3/8-in socket-head screw key to remove both pipe screws on the barrel of the MRS.