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Components include 72-inch blue epoxy posts that come in two pieces and screw together during assembly, and ABS plastic mats that snap firmly onto blue epoxy-coated wire trusses.
The system is available in a standard 5-foot length, an extendable model offering 3-foot rods that screw together, and a nonconductive model for added operator safety.
STEP 3 To fix the brackets to the flat side of the rail, drill a small pilot hole through the hole of the bracket so the wood doesn't split, then screw together. Ideally fit your brackets approximately 800mm apart.
To make the yoke for the top board, temporarily screw together the yoke pieces.
Now screw together. Note that you may have to cut the corner off on upper 45[degrees] side.
This greatly reduces the amount of time needed to load the rods compared to a standard screw together stem system.
One 15" 1x12 (bottom) Two 4" L-brackets Screw together the front and back (A) to the sides (B).
Drill a 1/4 inch hole into the center of a PVC "tee." Attach this PVC tee and another tee, to each end of a PVC "nipple." The parts are threaded and will screw together. Thread a thumb screw into the drill hole.
It is thus possible to push the extruder screw together with the integrated pump in process direction and thus remove it from the barrel and/or the internal gearing.
All the rails and stanchions are made from heavy-gauge 6063-T6 aluminum extrusions that can be easily cut and assembled using pre-engineered components that snap and screw together. Frames can even be fitted with recessed, high-intensity lights for dramatic nighttime effects and increased visibility.
From 2" x 2" dressed timber, cut batons to fit all round the reverse of the MDF front piece and down either side, and glue and screw these in place, then screw together the front and sides of your fire surround