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The kind of magnificent, screw-loose act that's been the show's lifeblood for 11 years now.
The future of American screen comedy looks more or less like the present--which is to say, steeped in pop-culture references, groin-fixated humor and gay panic--if we are to believe the enjoyably screw-loose vision offered up by "Hot Tub Time Machine 2.
Now he's up against American nutjob Perez Hilton, Loose Woman Nadia Sawalha and screw-loose woman Katie Hopkins (blinkered).
Well, it certainly needs something at the moment (above and beyond the really-can't-come-soon -enough departures of screw-loose Kirsty and losers Karl and Ryan).
In this screw-loose masterpiece Fabra Guemberena seeks, too--hut for artistic deliverance.