screwbean mesquite

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screw·bean mesquite

A mesquite (Prosopis pubescens) of the southwest United States and northern Mexico, having twisted seedpods that resemble a corkscrew. Also called screwbean, tornillo.
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Noun1.screwbean mesquite - shrub or small tree of southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico having spirally twisted pods
mesquit, mesquite - any of several small spiny trees or shrubs of the genus Prosopis having small flowers in axillary cylindrical spikes followed by large pods rich in sugar
screw bean - spirally twisted sweet pod of screwbean mesquite that is used for fodder or ground into meal for feed
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Beavers strongly selected cottonwood and Russian olive, weakly selected willow, and used less frequently than available mule-fat (Baccharis salicifolia), screwbean mesquite (Prosopis pubescens), saltcedar, and broadleaf cattail (Table 2).
Other recently vacated thrones, with the previous champ's point totals: cajeput-tree (300), castorbean (49), Allegheny chinkapin (155), Ozark chinkapin (124), littleleaf cyrilla (61), September elm (271), Lindheimer hackberry (127), scrub hickory (121), screwbean mesquite (84), and water-elm (313).