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also screw-up  (skro͞o′ŭp′)
n. Slang
1. One that makes a mess of an undertaking; a bungler.
2. A blunder; a mess: a managerial screwup.


or screw′-up`,

n. Slang.
1. a serious mistake or blunder; foul-up.
2. a habitual blunderer.
[1955–60; Amer.]
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Noun1.screwup - the complete mismanagement or mishandling of a situation; "a typical bureaucratic screwup"
mismanagement, misdirection - management that is careless or inefficient; "he accomplished little due to the mismanagement of his energies"


also screw-up
1. Slang. A clumsy person:
2. Slang. A ruinous state of disorder:
Informal: hash.
Slang: snafu.
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According to Shattered, this wasn't just a momentary screwup, but a regular speech she'd been giving in private for weeks, certain it would never get out to make a mockery of her "Better Together" slogan.
It seemed simple, but I was scared that some screwup would occur.
Teamwork is key (any screwup can cause major setbacks), which is why you need to come with a team ready to go, preferably with microphone-equipped headsets.
He's a sociopathic screwup who knows he's a screwup (which sort of redeems him).
I do think that, because Stebbins had been employed there from the beginning and without any indication that he committed some monumental screwup, he could have been given more than one day's notice that he was about to be dependent upon COBRA for health insurance.
Yep, it does take considerably longer, but I find when I make a mistake with a chisel or gouge it's not nearly as big a screwup as when I do it with my Dre-mel tool
com/article/32021/why-did-norad-start-tracking-santa) must have been "some screwup on the phones.
Rest assured however, there are several reasons this apparent screwup will not result in a major investigation as to what "went wrong.
A royal screwup," said Democratic Representative Louise Slaughter of New York.
He's a bit too much of a serial screwup to fully earn the reader's sympathy or interest.
The screwup of exit polling in the 2000 Bush-Gore contest kept the networks from accurately calling the race on Election Night and gave regular phone-based polling an undeserved black eye.
Apple How to avoid an Apple-style supply-chain screwup.