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also screw-up  (skro͞o′ŭp′)
n. Slang
1. One that makes a mess of an undertaking; a bungler.
2. A blunder; a mess: a managerial screwup.
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or screw′-up`,

n. Slang.
1. a serious mistake or blunder; foul-up.
2. a habitual blunderer.
[1955–60; Amer.]
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Noun1.screwup - the complete mismanagement or mishandling of a situation; "a typical bureaucratic screwup"
mismanagement, misdirection - management that is careless or inefficient; "he accomplished little due to the mismanagement of his energies"
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also screw-up
1. Slang. A clumsy person:
2. Slang. A ruinous state of disorder:
Informal: hash.
Slang: snafu.
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I can't compartmentalize Darius McCollum as the screwup twin brother who couldn't stop breaking my heart, or as the African-American who only had a chance in our dreams.
"If they don't have a kid soon, she's said they won't ever get married!" the alleged insider said adding "She would take Gavin back in a minute - if he wasn't such a screwup."
The restaurant's cheeky response to a chicken shortage turned an embarrassing screwup into a public relations win.
According to Shattered, this wasn't just a momentary screwup, but a regular speech she'd been giving in private for weeks, certain it would never get out to make a mockery of her "Better Together" slogan.
It seemed simple, but I was scared that some screwup would occur.
Teamwork is key (any screwup can cause major setbacks), which is why you need to come with a team ready to go, preferably with microphone-equipped headsets.
"But your little trucks and your little buckets going around are no fault of anybody else in the county so why should we have to fix your screwup?" he said.
He's a sociopathic screwup who knows he's a screwup (which sort of redeems him).
I do think that, because Stebbins had been employed there from the beginning and without any indication that he committed some monumental screwup, he could have been given more than one day's notice that he was about to be dependent upon COBRA for health insurance.
"get them!", e.g., the Jews, but, in Hebrew, ganging up verbally as well), asli (cool), ashkara (today's "totally"), basta (market stall), dawin (shvitz), farsh (crappy, but also roach), fashla (screwup), fadicha (faux pas), frecha (bimbo), mangal (barbecue), and sachbak (yours truly; a chum or buddy), to which one may add franji (spiffy; lit.
For them, he is kind of an annoying screwup. Besides, Boov don't believe in friends or family.
Yep, it does take considerably longer, but I find when I make a mistake with a chisel or gouge it's not nearly as big a screwup as when I do it with my Dre-mel tool!