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intr.v. scrimped, scrimp·ing, scrimps
To be very frugal and sparing. scrimped and saved for college tuition.

[Perhaps of Scandinavian origin; akin to Swedish skrympa, to shrink.]

scrimp′er n.
scrimp′y adj.


a person who scrimps
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If you're a bit more of a scrimper Jack Feeney jack.
If you're a bit more of a scrimper when it comes to food and prefer to eat in than eat out, you'll likely try and save what you can from your leftovers.
The Great Recession, which started in late 2007, turned the American shopper -- famous for our free-spending ways -- into the American scrimper, according to Consumer Reports.
Being eco-conscious, as well as a bit of a scrimper, he has always ensured the McKinney household doesn't rival Blackpool illuminations and the TV's not left on standby.
WHEN generous Louise Harris and scrimper Daniel Hill's wedding went to the dogs they couldn't be happier.
What is puzzling is the apparent transformation of Roman from squanderer to scrimper.