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intr.v. scrimped, scrimp·ing, scrimps
To be very frugal and sparing. scrimped and saved for college tuition.

[Perhaps of Scandinavian origin; akin to Swedish skrympa, to shrink.]

scrimp′er n.
scrimp′y adj.
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"Very distant; but I 'm proud of it; for with her, economy does n't mean scrimping in one place to make a show in another.
They bothered him with their dinky deals, with their scrimping and scratching, and their sneaky attempts to hide their ugliness by the observance of one set day of sanctuary.
Despite scrimping, living on remember two Credit card debts hit a record high at Christmas as Britons used plastic to fund festive cheer.
ALAN CARR: CHATTY MAN SUMMER SPECIAL (Channel 4, Friday, 9pm) IT'S Alan Carr's one-off summer special and, as usual, Alan, pictured, is not scrimping on his guests.
As usual, Carr's not scrimping on his guests - among others, he's lined up the hilarious Miranda Hart, actor Vin Diesel, and the Inbetweeners stars James Buckley, Simon Bird, Blake Harrison and Joe Thomas plug thesecond film in the franchise.
All the scrimping and saving went for naught when the company collapsed financially in 2011.
APPARENTLY we're in the middle of the age of austerity, scrimping and scraping around for a few pennies to put food on the table.
Mrs Moneypenny pits budget champagne against each other and meets scrimping families to get some cheap pressie tips.
WITH Newcastle scrimping in the transfer market and refusing to pay an extra million or so for good players, I hold no hope of ever winning a trophy.
Travel Business Review-August 20, 2012--Ryanair answer fuel scrimping allegations(C)2012] ENPublishing -
Plus, there's no scrimping on the fishing features.
A spokesman for Britannia Rescue, which surveyed 2,000 drivers, said: "They want to save cash, but scrimping on safety isn't the place to start."