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One who carves scrimshaw.

[Origin unknown.]


(Other Non-sporting Hobbies) another name for scrimshaw
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In the Bering Strait region ANAC encouraged the use of old ivory as a raw material due to its color and availability, but the villagers already had a well-developed market for as much of the old ivory as they could gather (to markets as diverse as scrimshanders in Hawaii).
At the larger gatherings there will usually be blacksmiths, weavers, soap-makers, scrimshanders, old-timey food merchants, potters, clothing suppliers, carvers, woodworkers, honey and beeswax merchants, knife makers, gunsmiths, hunters, trappers, suppliers of natural furs and fabrics, knitters, yarn merchants, leather workers and others that I am sure I have neglected.
That may have been done because at the time no one knew what a scrimshander was.