scripting language

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script·ing language

n. Computers
An interpreted language, especially one used to control other applications.
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The new version of IoT AppZone expands features for the well-established flagship AppZone C and adds new functionality including an emulator and support for Lua, a lightweight scripting language optimized for embedded systems that are constrained by limited processing power and resources.
ExcelRT capabilities can be extended using the built-in scripting language. An ExcelRT file can also communicate data to and from a helper application written in any programming language or environment.
Ford introduces the latest version of the combined text-based user interface and scripting language for the Microsoft operating system.
The new version of OriginLab's software also includes new graphs such as heat map and 2D kernel density plots, 3D batch plotting, user-defined ordering of categorical data for graphing and analysis, a distribution fit tool, repeated measures ANOVA with unbalanced data, and integration with the Python scripting language.
But CNET also cited the language also supports "playgrounds" within the Xcode developer environment that visualizes Swift code like a scripting language.
Using the Lua scripting language, Mako Server offers fast, efficient development of web applications, ranging from database-driven business applications to customized applications managing microcontroller-based devices.
8 -- Microsoft has released a new development environment as TypeScript, which is said to help developers write more complex apps with the scripting language. The new programming language is translated into JavaScript so that it can support any browser.
"Since R is a scripting language, does a BI vendor provide point-and-click GUI to generate R code," he wrote.
This scripting language is widely used to make webpages more interactive and responsive.
Advanced result-data manipulation can be done by means of a very powerful scripting language that has been integrated within the application.