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1. Of or relating to writing; written.
2. often Scriptural Of, relating to, based on, or contained in the Scriptures.

scrip′tur·al·ly adv.
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These Catholics allege the refusal to ordain women is not God's intent, and neither scripturally justified nor the original practice of the church.
Caption: Predefining justice: Just as Christians defined life before defending the unborn, the Justice Declaration gives them an opportunity to define justice in a scripturally sound way before advocating for reform, said Prison Fellowship's Craig DeRoche.
In Acts, Paul's gospel in Thessalonica is a scripturally based exposition on why Jesus is the Jewish Messiah.
The tract comprises a bold attack on the Mass, the sacrifice and massing of priests, and demands the restoration of a purified and scripturally faithful Lord's Supper in which everyone can participate in a more meaningful way.
Likewise, as my patients make challenging decisions about their health--decisions that they often wish they didn't have to make--they frequently lean on religious teachings about love, justice and responsibility No document, well-intentioned and scripturally inspired though it may be, can replace the labor, meditation and prayer that happen at the bedside in such circumstances.
The book is scripturally based, carefully researched, and well documented.
Douglas Weaver's In Search of the New Testament Church (Mercer University Press, 2008) posited Baptists as scripturally driven.
One is hard pressed to find a scripturally and theologically
Scripturally, wives does have to be submissive to their husbands and Article 68 and 69 of the New Family Code do compel husband and wife to live together and together fix the family domicile.
Mary Healy's article calling for a renewal of biblical preaching stresses that Catholic homiletics is often scripturally impoverished, and argues that the only remedy to this often dismal situation is the rediscovery of the traditional four senses of Scripture (116-17).
I would stand on this scripturally and the party has to be honoured for the stand it has taken.
It also prepared the supporting documentation that would demonstrate "how such a change in the church's traditional teaching on Christian marriage could be understood to be scripturally and theologically coherent.