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1. Of or relating to writing; written.
2. often Scriptural Of, relating to, based on, or contained in the Scriptures.

scrip′tur·al·ly adv.
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As Christians, we are scripturally mandated to pray for the people in authority, our leaders, just as we spent time with our people before, during, and after the elections to pray, let us not relent in praying for those in power today, for them to succeed.
Ironically most of these cruel acts are religiously and scripturally inspired.
"Scripturally, we know that Jesus went into the desert, showed us by example what might be benefited from getting away from the norm."
We are still on our series of 'ONCE SAVED ALWAYS SAVED' a doctrine which is scripturally wrong and will lead many to destruction.
In addition to the factors Dale McGowan pointed to that support the giving culture of many churches ("As the Christian Church Crumbles, Is Humanism Ready to Step Up?" S/O 2018), I'd suggest one more: the promise that if you give charitably-especially if you give to the church--you're making a scripturally advised investment leading to a future heavenly payout in the afterlife.
only the scripturally supported values in African culture and Religion
He continued, "The belief that only men can be priests because all the 12 apostles were men is scripturally unsound.
These Catholics allege the refusal to ordain women is not God's intent, and neither scripturally justified nor the original practice of the church.
Caption: Predefining justice: Just as Christians defined life before defending the unborn, the Justice Declaration gives them an opportunity to define justice in a scripturally sound way before advocating for reform, said Prison Fellowship's Craig DeRoche.
In Acts, Paul's gospel in Thessalonica is a scripturally based exposition on why Jesus is the Jewish Messiah.
The tract comprises a bold attack on the Mass, the sacrifice and massing of priests, and demands the restoration of a purified and scripturally faithful Lord's Supper in which everyone can participate in a more meaningful way.
Likewise, as my patients make challenging decisions about their health--decisions that they often wish they didn't have to make--they frequently lean on religious teachings about love, justice and responsibility No document, well-intentioned and scripturally inspired though it may be, can replace the labor, meditation and prayer that happen at the bedside in such circumstances.