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One who writes copy to be used by an announcer, performer, or director in a film or broadcast.

script′writ′ing n.


(Film) a person who prepares scripts, esp for a film
ˈscriptˌwriting n


(ˈskrɪptˌraɪ tər)

a person who writes scripts, as for movies or television.
script′writ`ing, n.
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Noun1.scriptwriter - someone who writes scripts for plays or movies or broadcast dramas
film writer, screenwriter - someone who writes screenplays
author, writer - writes (books or stories or articles or the like) professionally (for pay)
كاتِب النُّصوص
autor textuscénárista
autor textu
senaristsenaryo yazarı


[ˈskrɪptˌraɪtəʳ] Nguionista mf


[ˈskrɪptraɪtər] nscénariste mf


nTextautor(in) m(f); (of screenplay) → Drehbuchautor(in) m(f); (of talk etc) → Verfasser(in) m(f)des (Manu)skripts


[ˈskrɪptˌraɪtəʳ] nsceneggiatore/trice, soggettista m/f


(skript) noun
the text of a play, talk etc. Have the actors all got their scripts?
ˈscriptwriter noun
a person who writes the texts for radio or television programmes.
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Summary: A search for a scriptwriter is about to get underway
(TAP) - Actor and scriptwriter Moncef Lazaar died on Sunday after a long illness.
The main prize of the film festival was presented to scriptwriter Asif Rustamov, Trend Life reported.
Jake Tordesillas, a respected and multiawarded movie scriptwriter, died Friday morning.
TEHRAN (FNA)- According to the information center of the 30th international film festival for children and youth, the third professional, interdisciplinary meeting on the topic of "Self-Control and Super-Child, Rethinking about Children Cinema" was held on June 10 at the Iranian Art Forum, while Abbas Pasandideh, a university and howzeh professor; Ali Asghari, scriptwriter; and Hadi Naeeji, scriptwriter and director attended as the special guests.
Beattie and co-host Anne Marie Watson quizzed the bemused scriptwriter for eight minutes.
When Catherine explained how her professor had discouraged her, the scriptwriter replied, "An academic guy?
THERE will be a towering tribute to the late Liverpool scriptwriter Eddie Braben with a special peal of bells on Saturday.
Manto was also a film and radio scriptwriter, and a journalist.
Guests will introduce and discuss their films in the cinema: Christos Georgiou, director of the opening Cypriot film Small Crime, Vladislav Karamfilov, main actor of the Bulgarian film Operation Shmenti Kapeli, and Olivier Gorce, scriptwriter of the French film Omar m'a tuer.
Celebrated Egyptian director and scriptwriter Mohamed Khan; award-winning Lebanese director, scriptwriter and film entrepreneur Michel Kammoun and accomplished Bahraini author and scriptwriter Fareed Ramadan chose the 15 scripts.
"We'll sell the foreshts," slurred one particularly tired and emotional scriptwriter. "What?" "We'll shell the forests." "But that just doesn't make sense, no sense whatsoever...