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n. pl. scro·ta (-tə) or scro·tums
The external sac of skin enclosing the testes in most mammals.

[Latin scrōtum.]

scro′tal (skrōt′l) adj.
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Adj.1.scrotal - relating to or having or lying within a scrotum; "scrotal mammals"; "scrotal testes"
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a. escrotal, rel. al escroto.
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adj escrotal
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In our patient, the urine NAAT was negative, but the NAAT from the surgical scrotal aspirate was positive and triggered the initiation of anti-TB therapy.
Scrotal ultrasonography showed irregular hypoechoic regions in the lower pole of the right testis with no significant Doppler flow evident.
We report case of a young man who came for a second opinion at our clinic for left scrotal swelling for which he was advised a left radical orchidectomy by another surgeon.
Acute scrotal pain includes some urgent diagnoses, such as testicular torsion and incarcerated hernia or omentum.
Introduction: Acute scrotal pain is a common complaint encountered in the emergency room.
General: Guarding right side of pelvis and right scrotal area.
In the mouse, INSL3 is involved in the masculinization and enlargement of the gubernaculum, which precedes testicular development and scrotal fixation (Sozubir et al., 2010).
Relationship between scrotal circumference and breed predominance, age, body weight and daily weight gain in crossbreed bulls
While chronic scrotal pain (CSP), defined as pain in the scrotum of more than 3-month duration, appears to be a very common condition, there are very few studies on the actual incidence of CSP [1].
A 51-year-old male with uncontrolled diabetes (type II) presented to the hospital with severe lower extremity and scrotal edema, associated with pain, and extremity rash.
Such data includes scrotal circumference measurements, an integral part of BSE of animals with a pendulous scrotum [12], particularly, in bulls due to their high correlations with testicular size and sperm production capacity [12, 13].