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v. scrounged, scroung·ing, scroung·es Informal
1. To obtain (something) by begging or borrowing with no intention of reparation: scrounged a few dollars off my brother. See Synonyms at cadge.
2. To obtain by salvaging or foraging; round up.
1. To seek to obtain something by begging or borrowing with no intention of reparation: scrounge for a cigarette.
2. To forage about in an effort to acquire something at no cost: scrounging around the kitchen for a late-night snack.

[Alteration of dialectal scrunge, to steal.]

scroung′er n.
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n (inf)Schnorrerei f (inf)
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The grey army needs to mobilise itself and petition the government to remove the licence subsidy from the BBC, make them earn their money and stop scrounging off us.
During routine patrol, scrounging lead was always on my mind.
Here's an idea that will have you scrounging your garage for more of them!
They were scrounging around and there were only two volunteers--the DOF and the DENR--and so we have to scrounge also for funds.
25 (ANI): At a time when the police is scrounging Honeypreet Insan, the adopted daughter of jailed Dera Chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, Pradeep Arya former's lawyer claimed Insan visited his office today to sign the anticipatory bail application.
Tich and I went scrounging on our own and walking down the pavement in a street we saw two women approaching us who were also walking on the pavement.
Some funny and universal aspects of scrounging money for beer or drugs or sneaking into the show or getting chased (and sometimes beaten) by cops, but New York City has always been its own beast, especially decades before the gentrification and Disneyfication.
Mark Evans (left) revisits mutts such as Chancer the scrounging spaniel and Roxie the Staffie.
stuttered like a struck dove, wings scrounging for traction in seamless
But Lin_ley saw it differently: "At the end of the day these are people who are out there to earn a decent living and are not scrounging off the back of the state so people should stop jumping to assumptions.
My wife and I worked and saved, but my sister is always scrounging off my mum and can never settle to anything.
Here in "good old Blighty" is the Biblical land of milk and honey, awaiting the waving palms of every bone idle, scrounging parasite on the planet.