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adj. scroung·i·er, scroung·i·est Slang
Dirty or shabby: a scroungy overcoat.


adj, -gier or -giest
informal US shabby or unkempt


(ˈskraʊn dʒi)

adj. scroung•i•er, scroung•i•est.
1. shabby or slovenly: scroungy clothes.
2. given to scrounging.


adj (+er) (US inf) → gammelig (inf)
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There also are Lakers fans in Kemmerer, the biggest being Tracy Carotta, who owns Scroungy Moose Pizza and watches every game on TV while he makes pies.
Due to the large number of rounds typically fired through them, these guns are frequently in fairly scroungy condition.
Hopping like a latter-day Rilke from castle to castle (and mildly reproaching himself for having abandoned his ideal of scroungy vagabondage), he glimpsed a whole genteel world teetering on the cusp of extinction.
Inspiration comes to the now more mature poet not through flashes of "genius" or from the voice of a divine muse, but through hard work and careful observation, "bit by scroungy bit," by subjugating the self to an empirical world stingy with its revelations.
I've been around every scroungy sailor in the world, and I heard words in this thing that I've never heard before.