scrub down

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w>scrub down

vt sep walls, person, oneselfabschrubben
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It is not in my nature to spend my life in fattening fowls; I cannot stoop about turning over the soil for vegetables, nor flourish a whip and drive a cart, nor scrub down a horse in a stable all my life, so I must die of starvation, I suppose?
I especially learned not to bend over at the rear of the elephant when giving her a scrub down as she pooped on my head
For something dramatic, some forms of Betula jacquemontii have such white bark that gardeners have been known to give it a regular scrub down to maintain its sparkling stems.
Give him the scrub down with Himalayan Salt Massage and Scrub sessions: Even men can appreciate a relaxing massage or an invigorating scrub.
Give slabs a final scrub down with warm soapy water.
Give all the slabs a final scrub down with warm soapy water.
Father and daughter volunteers Mitch and Maddison Wood I scrub down the steps at Sunset Ridge Middle School as part of I the annual Comcast Cares Day.
By the time this numismatic novelty arrives, it will only be worth about threepence anyway so it may be time to scrub down the benches, unfold the Union Jacks and prepare for street parties across the land.
I try to change it every few days and give the trays a good scrub down.
Until recently, maintenance professionals had to scrub down the carts and then wash and wipe them.
Public officials have organized efforts to scrub down buildings and bulldoze the top layers of soil from playgrounds and parks where radioactive particles rained down.
I floated in the salty water, gave myself a body scrub down in mineral rich mud and then walked across the road and rinsed off in the Black Sea .