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You hear the dull thud, thud of the ball, and the shouts of "Off your side," "Down with him," "Put him over," "Bravo." This is what we call "a scrummage," gentlemen, and the first scrummage in a School-house match was no joke in the consulship of Plancus.
And then follows rush upon rush, and scrummage upon scrummage, the ball now driven through into the School-house quarters, and now into the School goal; for the School-house have not lost the advantage which the kick-off and a slight wind gave them at the outset, and are slightly "penning" their adversaries.
The ball has just fallen again where the two sides are thickest, and they close rapidly around it in a scrummage. It must be driven through now by force or skill, till it flies out on one side or the other.
They seldom go into the scrummage, but must have more coolness than the chargers.
The thickest scrummage parts asunder before his rush, like the waves before a clipper's bows; his cheery voice rings out over the field, and his eye is everywhere.
Old Brooke comes sweeping round the skirts of the play, and turning short round, picks out the very heart of the scrummage, and plunges in.
And in front of us all the big fellows play, and that's where the scrummages are mostly."
And there were days that packed into the space of a few hours the concentrated essence of a music-hall knock-about sketch, an earthquake, a football scrummage, and the rush-hour on the Tube; when the office was full of shouting men, when strange figures dived in and out and banged doors like characters in an old farce, and Harold, the proud office-boy, lost his air of being on the point of lunching with a duke at the club and perspired like one of the proletariat.
"But I have scrummaged a lot with Franny in the last year and understand the way he wants to scrummage as well.
Captain Best admitted he and boss Joe Schmidt will reiterate Ireland's desire to scrummage "as legally as anyone can" to referee Glen Jackson before the Wales encounter.
Although their pack was pressured and pushed backwards at a scrummage, the ball came back and was neatly passed inside by scrum half George Baxter, with winger Peter Rees rounding off the move with a try close to the posts.
Jones insists there is nothing wrong with the way England scrummage.