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v. scuffed, scuff·ing, scuffs
To scrape the feet while walking; shuffle.
1. To scrape with the feet.
2. To shuffle or shift (the feet), as in embarrassment.
3. To scrape and roughen the surface of.
1. The act or sound of scraping especially with the feet.
2. A worn or rough spot resulting from scraping.
3. A flat backless house slipper.

[Probably of Scandinavian origin; akin to Old Norse skūfa, to push.]

scuff′er n.


bearing a mark or marks made by scuffing


[ˈskʌft] adjéraflé(e)
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This Morning staff covered all their scuffed doorstoppers with gaffer tape ahead of the royal visit.
A scrappy goal from Ben Saunders, a scuffed shot that ought to have been kept out, summed up the quality of the game, though the visitors were well deserving of the three points.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- A Turkish Airlines (THY) airplane's wing scuffed Qatar Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani's airplane's tail part on Saturday in ystanbul AtatE-rk Airport.
They got a goal, which wasn't great from our point of view, from a scuffed cross and a scuffed finish.
Some newiPhone 5users are griping that they received scuffed or scratched handsets out of the box, while others are reporting the new iPhone is more susceptible to nicks than previous models.
The questionnaire asked buyers the question: "Is your black iPhone 5 scuffed, chipped or scratched?
The problem with painted woodwork is that it's easily scuffed and chipped, especially in high-traffic family areas like your hall.
9ThE corners of the skirting boards in my kitchen/diner are very scuffed.
Ashton hit the winner in injury time as Ryan Moore scuffed his shot but followed up to score.
Give them plenty of encouragement and be ready with a cuddle if they should fall off - scuffed knees are part of growing up.
Moser) said he wanted to see the ball to see if it was scuffed,'' Penny said.