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scuf·fle 1

intr.v. scuf·fled, scuf·fling, scuf·fles
1. To fight or struggle confusedly at close quarters.
2. To shuffle.
A rough disorderly struggle at close quarters. See Synonyms at brawl.

[ Probably frequentative of scuff.]

scuf′fler n.

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scuf·fle 2

A hoe that is designed to work soil by being pushed and pulled. Also called Dutch hoe, scuffle hoe.

[Dutch schoffel, hoe for weeding, from Middle Dutch, hoe, shovel.]


a person who scuffles
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Mike Milligan was an honest but limited midfield scuffler, signed by Colin Harvey.
6) Young men in particular are returned home, in Banton's formulation, to become burdens on the society, adding to its already large scuffler class.
Wagner always knew Klopp would be a successful manager because of his fierce intelligence and boundless energy, apparent even during his days as a heavy-smoking scuffler.
They came home that day with a vintage scuffler and a Corbett Williams turnip drill.
The proposition that liberal Catholicism is dying has been offered from time to time, for decades now, often in a way that reminds one of the schoolyard scuffler more interested in the fight than in any point being made.
He's only frightened he won't get a game under a new manager because he's an over-rated scuffler.
They didn't, and it now means a nicked scuffler from Eto'o, Messi, Henry et all, could mean they're out.
Signed from Celta Vigo in 2004, Luccin's nickname is 'Pistol' and although he is often described as a defensive midfielder, there is more to his game than purely being a scuffler and a blocker.
This will make five starts in a row the California-bred gelding, once a scuffler in the claiming ranks, has been favored at the stakes level.
With Alexei Smertin performing the holding role and Radostin Kishishev also a willing scuffler, Charlton have discovered a balance to allow Murphy to probe away