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1. A long oar used at the stern of a boat and moved from side to side to propel the boat forward.
2. One of a pair of light oars designed for use by a single rower.
3. A small light racing boat for one, two, or four rowers, each using a pair of sculls.
v. sculled, scull·ing, sculls
To propel (a boat) with a scull or a pair of sculls.
1. To use a scull or a pair of sculls to propel a boat.
2. To generate propulsion, as in swimming, with a motion resembling that of a single scull oar.

[Middle English sculle.]

scull′er n.
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Noun1.sculler - someone who sculls (moves a long oar pivoted on the back of the boat to propel the boat forward)
boat - a small vessel for travel on water
oarsman, rower - someone who rows a boat
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Early as it was, there were plenty of scullers going here and there that morning, and plenty of barges dropping down with the tide; the navigation of the river between bridges, in an open boat, was a much easier and commoner matter in those days than it is in these; and we went ahead among many skiffs and wherries, briskly.
It was an amateur-sculler, well up to his work though taking it easily, in so light a boat that the Rogue remarked: 'A little less on you, and you'd a'most ha' been a Wagerbut'; then went to work at his windlass handles and sluices, to let the sculler in.
The water rose and rose as the sluice poured in, dispersing the scum which had formed behind the lumbering gates, and sending the boat up, so that the sculler gradually rose like an apparition against the light from the bargeman's point of view.
she would exclaim, when some unfortunate sculler would get in her way; "why don't he look where he's going?
Prescott stroked the boat and they started in the middle of the women's Masters F (60-64) category with Tideway Scullers and Molesey Boat Club ahead and Walbrook and Marlow behind.
In September 2016, Bloom and the Aardvark Jazz Orchestra opened the band's 44th season at Scullers Jazz Club in Boston with North by Northeast, a new composition by music director Mark Harvey.
Welsh scullers Gemma Hall and Ellie Lewis also impressed with sixth and eighth-placed finishes respectively in the women's lightweight singles (21.
He added: "Charles Dickens praised the sensational victory of the Tyneside scullers, who held their title for a quarter of a century in coxed fours, pairs or as individuals.
She fought off fierce competition from young scullers from all over the country and the 16-year-old was one of the youngest picked for the 16 to 18 age group.
Cardiff City RC double scullers Jack Thomas and Tom Barras saw off former GB cap Simon Goodbrand and Cambridge partner Ed Parkhouse, but fell in the last eight to Durham duo Barney Stentiford and Angus Groom, while their Welsh clubmates lost out to Notts and Union in the Thames Cup club 8s.
The GB women have been in phenomenal form and lightweight double scullers Katherine Copeland and Sophie Hosking have a great chance of justifying odds-on prices.
1716: The oldest surviving sporting contest, the Doggett's Coat and Badge, for Thames scullers, was held for the first time.