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1. Shaped by sculpting: a sculpted clay statue.
2. Smooth, taut, and lacking imperfections: "the sculpted face of a fashion model" (Christopher Hunt).
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Adj.1.sculpted - cut into a desired shape; "graven images"; "sculptured representations"
carved, carven - made for or formed by carving (`carven' is archaic or literary); "the carved fretwork"; "an intricately carved door"; "stood as if carven from stone"
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The incredibly detailed figure is sculpted in an iconic bowling pose, depicting him from the memorable victory of the Cricket World Cup in 1983.
I sculpted him NSFW (Not Safe for Work) to make it clear that I sculpted the entire figure and did not simply sculpt a head on an existing toy body,' he explained.
Ray has also designed and sculpted many mechanical pieces and he remembers that when he came to design his first tractor he had no idea how to make it.
Strong & Sculpted: The Total-Body Training Program for Shaping Your Ultimate Physique provides a science-based program that pairs goal-oriented science with training programs designed to produce a sculpted figure, and offers a four-phase program that can be customized to suit any level of reader at any point in their training program.
According to the famous family's trusted make- up artist, Joyce Bonelli, 3D tanning is the latest and greatest way to cheat your way to a more sculpted look.
In January 2015, this author examined a unique two-headed horse sculpted from natural diamond (Figure 19).
Mega-T Sculpt helps reduce sugar absorption to reduce body fat/body mass index (BMI) and burns carbohydrates for a slim, trim, sculpted look.
Fidel Castro, Winston Churchill, Jack Nicholson, Groucho Marx and Arnold Schwarzenegger - meet the cast of notables Janio Nunez has sculpted entirely out of Cuba's famed tobacco.
Globe: You have sculpted around 200 statues, most of which are of historical figures in German cities.
Washington, Aug 11 (ANI): Selena Gomez and boyfriend Justin Bieber have got their life-size nude form sculpted in bronze, in which they are conjoined at the torso.
After the giclee captures the effects of the sculpted oils, Lew hand embellishes the canvas with acrylics to create a double-sculpted effect that is inimitable.
From there he sculpted a life-size portrait of Daniel Webster, and after marrying at 35, he sailed for Italy.