sculptural relief

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Noun1.sculptural relief - sculpture consisting of shapes carved on a surface so as to stand out from the surrounding backgroundsculptural relief - sculpture consisting of shapes carved on a surface so as to stand out from the surrounding background
alto relievo, alto rilievo, high relief - a sculptural relief in which forms extend out from the background to at least half their depth
bas relief, basso relievo, basso rilievo, low relief - a sculptural relief in which forms extend only slightly from the background; no figures are undercut
half-relief, mezzo-relievo, mezzo-rilievo - a sculptural relief between low relief and high relief
sculpture - a three-dimensional work of plastic art
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Certainly that thought seemed to be of great value for Ajmal and Hayat, as they both did a phenomenal job in depicting individualistic dialects through text in terms of paintings, illustration, sculptural relief and digital art.
I build a multilayered sculptural relief articulating a figurative composition into which I distribute both digital information and the matter of paint.
This year alone Sally has had two sculptures accepted for a Royal Society of Marine Artists exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London; three of her sculptures are currently being shown by the Society of Wildlife Artists at the Mall; a sculptural relief was short-listed for the National Open Art Competition; and she has just seen four pieces shown in the Society of Graphic Fine Art annual exhibition at the Menier Gallery in London - one of which was runner-up for the Visitors Choice Award.
She goes on to show how Hesse began in this period to use pieces of irregularly cut paper to break out of the two-dimensional, flat rectangle, in works that point toward three-dimensional sculptural relief.
Castellani's monumental work was commissioned as a key part of the immersive experience of the house, a luminous white wall turned into a sculptural relief due to the nails beneath the canvas that lend its surface dynamism from the play of light.
Approaching the painting one realizes it's actually more of a sculptural relief, comprised of stacked sheets of alumalite, a corrugated plastic.
The resulting original and significant scholarship brings not only Costanza but also her contemporary city of Rome into vivid, almost sculptural relief.
A friend of mine works at Matix Clothing in California, and I get great insights from their cutting-edge design, colors and textiles," explains Hewes at the store's new digs on Main Street, where clients are clamoring for hip sculptural relief tiles in glass and ceramic.
While still restricted to a black and white palette, the painted surface imagery is freed from constraints and boundaries, freely following and caressing the form and sculptural relief of the surface.
The sculptural relief, Kind of Blue, is approximately six feet high and five feet wide, and was fabricated in blue-painted aluminum by Kevin Barrett, who exhibits his work in galleries and museums nationally.
The process is a way of building up a sculptural relief on a surface using successive layers of slip.
I find particularly inadequate her discussion of the artistic narrative conventions, that is, the ways in which stories are depicted in sculptural relief.