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tr.v. scum·bled, scum·bling, scum·bles
1. To soften the colors or outlines of (a painting or drawing) by covering with a film of opaque or semiopaque color or by rubbing.
2. To blur the outlines of: a writer who scumbled the line that divides history and fiction.
1. The effect produced by or as if by scumbling.
2. Material used for scumbling.

[Possibly from scum.]
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(Art Terms) (in painting and drawing) to soften or blend (an outline or colour) with an upper coat of opaque colour, applied very thinly
1. (Art Terms) the upper layer of colour applied in this way
2. (Art Terms) the technique or effects of scumbling
[C18: probably from scum]
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(ˈskʌm bəl)

v. -bled, -bling,
n. v.t.
1. to soften (the color or tone of a painted area) by overlaying parts with opaque or semiopaque color applied thinly and lightly with an almost dry brush.
2. the act or technique of scumbling.
3. the effect produced by this technique.
[1790–1800; perhaps scum (v.) + -le, with intrusive b]
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Past participle: scumbled
Gerund: scumbling

I scumble
you scumble
he/she/it scumbles
we scumble
you scumble
they scumble
I scumbled
you scumbled
he/she/it scumbled
we scumbled
you scumbled
they scumbled
Present Continuous
I am scumbling
you are scumbling
he/she/it is scumbling
we are scumbling
you are scumbling
they are scumbling
Present Perfect
I have scumbled
you have scumbled
he/she/it has scumbled
we have scumbled
you have scumbled
they have scumbled
Past Continuous
I was scumbling
you were scumbling
he/she/it was scumbling
we were scumbling
you were scumbling
they were scumbling
Past Perfect
I had scumbled
you had scumbled
he/she/it had scumbled
we had scumbled
you had scumbled
they had scumbled
I will scumble
you will scumble
he/she/it will scumble
we will scumble
you will scumble
they will scumble
Future Perfect
I will have scumbled
you will have scumbled
he/she/it will have scumbled
we will have scumbled
you will have scumbled
they will have scumbled
Future Continuous
I will be scumbling
you will be scumbling
he/she/it will be scumbling
we will be scumbling
you will be scumbling
they will be scumbling
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been scumbling
you have been scumbling
he/she/it has been scumbling
we have been scumbling
you have been scumbling
they have been scumbling
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been scumbling
you will have been scumbling
he/she/it will have been scumbling
we will have been scumbling
you will have been scumbling
they will have been scumbling
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been scumbling
you had been scumbling
he/she/it had been scumbling
we had been scumbling
you had been scumbling
they had been scumbling
I would scumble
you would scumble
he/she/it would scumble
we would scumble
you would scumble
they would scumble
Past Conditional
I would have scumbled
you would have scumbled
he/she/it would have scumbled
we would have scumbled
you would have scumbled
they would have scumbled
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Noun1.scumble - the application of very thin coat of color over the surface of a picture
application, coating, covering - the work of applying something; "the doctor prescribed a topical application of iodine"; "a complete bleach requires several applications"; "the surface was ready for a coating of paint";
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"We get some priests coming in and saying 'Oh, I like this tune!'" says Karen, as she and Adele apply the finishing touches to a couple of religious figures - using the delightfully-named Oil Scumble.
Thinly washed planes and furrows of scumble were as expressively abstract close-up as they were realistic at a distance.
"Scumble": to scunner and not to hate,/to scupper and keep the taste,/to hide under the thick scurf/of scurile life that yearning/to scurry itself leaps out/and is able to see its own scut,/obsolete as old scutage./scutched, then, my mountainous love/with the scutcheon of no hope/my nonhoping scute hides me ./pour, fate, then, into my scuttle/so that I can scuttle away my love,/I still have faith as scutum/tho time's scythe cuts away my autumn.
Console table from Scumble Goosie (, 01453 731305)
Available exclusively in the UAE from Al Gurg Leigh's Paints, the Dulux Acrylic Scumble Glaze can be used to create a spectrum of crackle-effect colours.
"Thousands of people across the UAE will be decorating their homes this festive period and the Dulux Scumble Glaze will really make a home stand out."
There are various effects paints on the market, including ready-mixed scumble glazes, ones you tint yourself and an array of emulsion-style paints from the big manufacturers, producing everything from a velvet-like finish to a metallic one.
who wouldn't bother to scumble the hard, factual surface of the narrative with irrelevancies like atmosphere and characterization." PAUL GRAY
Top tip - Add a splash of "scumble" to your mix (you'll find it in DIY stores for about a tenner a bottle) as this will allow youfurther washing time as it delays paint drying time.
I demonstrated painting techniques just as before, but this time, instead of limiting students to crisp edges and smoothly applied paint, they had the options of soft edges, to blend edges, to paint thick and thin, and to layer and scumble. We looked at the aesthetic qualities of smooth and rough brushstrokes, and large and small brushstrokes.
School psychologist Skye Denison returned to her hometown of Scumble River, Illinois a few years ago but still is having trouble getting a handle on things.