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1. A filmy or frothy layer of matter that forms on the surface of a liquid or body of water or on a hard surface.
2. The refuse or dross of molten metals.
3. Refuse or worthless matter.
4. Slang One, such as a person or an element of society, that is regarded as despicable or worthless.
v. scummed, scum·ming, scums
To remove the scum from.
To become covered with scum.

[Middle English, from Middle Dutch schūm; see (s)keu- in Indo-European roots.]

scum′mer n.
scum′mi·ly adv.
scum′mi·ness n.
scum′my adj.
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I can't think about that scummer because it will make me angry and I won't have that.
I'm not at liberty to offer up incriminating examples of his ventures to the dark side, but let's just say that Nestor is an undercover scummer.
The appearance of Ambidexter ('Enter the Vice with an olde Capcase on his hed, an olde pail about his hips for harness, a Scummer and a potlid by his side and a rake on his shoulder', Cambises stage direction after 125) would presumably have produced at least a smile from most members of the audience.