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 (skûr′ē, skŭr′ē)
intr.v. scur·ried, scur·ry·ing, scur·ries
1. To go with light running steps; scamper.
2. To flurry or swirl about.
n. pl. scur·ries
1. The act of scurrying.
2. The noise produced by scurrying.

[Probably short for hurry-scurry.]
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Adj.1.scurrying - moving with great haste; "affection for this hurrying driving...little man"; "lashed the scurrying horses"
fast - acting or moving or capable of acting or moving quickly; "fast film"; "on the fast track in school"; "set a fast pace"; "a fast car"
References in classic literature ?
Before the whites realized what had happened the superstitious fears of the natives had sent them scurrying into the bush--their own carriers as well as the messengers from M'ganwazam--but even in their haste they had not neglected to take with them every article of value upon which they could lay their hands.
Pinocchio ran to him and scurrying like a squirrel up the long black beard, he gave Fire Eater a loving kiss on the tip of his nose.
He rushed frantically about, turning and twisting his course, now his nose to the ground, now up in the air, whining as frantically as he rushed, leaping abruptly at right angles as new scents reached him, scurrying here and there and everywhere as if in a game of tag with some invisible playfellow.
Sola and I had entered a building upon the front of the city, in fact, the same one in which I had had my encounter with the apes, and, wishing to see what had caused the sudden retreat, I mounted to an upper floor and peered from the window out over the valley and the hills beyond; and there I saw the cause of their sudden scurrying to cover.
And just then there came a knock and a scurrying; the police, so lamentably absent from the Calton Hill, appeared upon the scene; and the party, taken FLAGRANTE DELICTO, with their glasses at their elbow, were seized, marched up to the police office, and all duly summoned to appear as witnesses in the consequent case against that arch-shebeener, Colette.
There is the rustle of the myriad animals on the beach, all the little shelled things that crawl about ceaselessly, and there is the noisy scurrying of the land-crabs.
Once old Sabor, crossing their path, sent them scurrying to the safety of the higher branches, for if she respected their number and their sharp fangs, they on their part held her cruel and mighty ferocity in equal esteem.
For Big-Tooth also had an other-self, and when he slept that other-self dreamed back into the past, back to the winged reptiles and the clash and the onset of dragons, and beyond that to the scurrying, rodent-like life of the tiny mammals, and far remoter still, to the shore-slime of the primeval sea.
Men were scurrying down the gang-plank to the shore.
But the surgery went OK, the anaesthetic was smooth and Larry was quickly up and about, scurrying around.