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A disease caused by deficiency of vitamin C, characterized by spongy and bleeding gums, bleeding under the skin, and extreme weakness.
adj. scur·vi·er, scur·vi·est
Mean; contemptible.

[From Middle English scurfy, characterized by scurf (influenced by French scorbut, scurvy), from scurf, scurf; see scurf.]

scur′vi·ly adv.
scur′vi·ness n.
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Adv.1.scurvily - in a despicable, ignoble manner; "this new leader meanly threatens the deepest values of our society"
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"Ay, I called: but where is the old man who treated me so scurvily? Nay, what does it matter?--where he is, there let him stop.
This puzzled me scurvily, and I did not know what answer to make of it.
Never in history had a President gone forth on a greater mission--to appeal for constitutional government and restoration of union through conciliation and common sense; and never had one been so scurvily treated.