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tr.v. scutched, scutch·ing, scutch·es
To separate the valuable fibers of (flax, for example) from the woody parts by beating, combing, or scraping.
An implement or machine used for scutching.

[Obsolete French escoucher, from Anglo-Norman escucher, from Vulgar Latin *excuticāre, frequentative of Latin excutere, to shake out : ex-, ex- + quatere, to shake; see kwēt- in Indo-European roots.]

scutch′er n.
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(Textiles) another word for scutch12
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He finished the final race in second place behind Terry Scutcher of Britain but his overall lead by the close over Scutcher was a resounding nine points.
Her biography (full text in the MT booklet) gives a detailed account of Sarah's life, surely quintessentially that of a traditional singer: born into a singing family (the Greenes) in a small market town (Keady), marrying into another (the Makems), her husband Peter a scutcher in the linen mills, herself a weaver.