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n. pl. scu·tel·la (-tĕl′ə)
1. Zoology A shield-shaped sclerite on the mesothorax of certain insects, posterior to the scutum.
2. Botany Any of several shield-shaped structures, such as the cotyledon of a grass.

[New Latin scūtellum, from Latin, diminutive of scūtum, shield; see scutum.]

scu·tel′lar (-tĕl′ər) adj.
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There is a variety of literature available on social exclusion estimation through social development indicators such as lack of participation in social institutions (Duffy, 1995; Silver, 2015); social exclusion and deprivation by Sen (1976) and the Melbourne Institute approach by Scutella, Wilkins and Horn, (2009) and Scutella, Wilkins and Kostenko, (2009).
Medium optimization for efficient somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration from immature inflorescences and immature scutella of elite cultivars of wheat, barley and tritordeum.
Ambrosino and Scutella [26] proposed a four-level complex network distribution structure including facility location, warehousing, transshipment, and strategic decisions.
Long-term joblessness has been associated with family breakdown, violence, abuse and neglect (Christoffersen 2000); poor health, well-being, and self-esteem (Scutella and Wooden 2008; Whiteford 2009); poverty and homelessness (Steen, Mackenzie and McCormack 2012).
As might be expected, there is widespread concern about the educational outcomes for young Australians from low socio-economic backgrounds (Boese & Scutella, 2006).
The government's social inclusion indicator framework can be compared with those developed by researchers working on social exclusion at the Melbourne Institute and Brotherhood of St Laurence, (MI/BSL) (Scutella, Wilkins & Horn 2009; Scutella, Wilkins & Kostenko 2013) and the Social Policy Research Centre (SPRC) (Saunders, Naidoo & Griffiths 2008; Saunders & Wong 2012a).
Designed by Giuseppe Maurizio Scutella, the LED lamp array has two dimmers that allow for adjustment of direct and indirect light.
Education is well established as one domain of social inclusion and its corollary social exclusion (Headey, 2006; Headey & Warren, 2007; Scutella, Wilkins and Kostenko, 2009; Eurostat 2009; ASIB 2010; Scutella & Wilkins, 2010).