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scut 1

A short erect tail, as that of a hare, rabbit, or deer.

[Early Modern English; probably akin to Middle English scut, short, of unknown origin.]

scut 2

n. Informal
Routine or tedious work often viewed as menial.

[Short for scutwork.]


(Zoology) the short tail of animals such as the deer and rabbit
[C15: probably of Scandinavian origin; compare Old Norse skutr end of a vessel, Icelandic skott tail]



a short tail, esp. of a hare, rabbit, or deer.
[1400–50; late Middle English: hare < Old Norse skutr stern]
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Noun1.scut - a short erect tail
tail - the posterior part of the body of a vertebrate especially when elongated and extending beyond the trunk or main part of the body
rabbit, cony, coney - any of various burrowing animals of the family Leporidae having long ears and short tails; some domesticated and raised for pets or food
cervid, deer - distinguished from Bovidae by the male's having solid deciduous antlers


[skʌt] Nrabito m (esp de conejo)


nStummelschwanz m; (of rabbit also)Blume f (Hunt); (of deer also)Wedel m (Hunt)
References in classic literature ?
The two borzois of the huntsman who had sighted him, having been the nearest, were the first to see and pursue him, but they had not gone far before Ilagin's red-spotted Erza passed them, got within a length, flew at the hare with terrible swiftness aiming at his scut, and, thinking she had seized him, rolled over like a ball.
Again the beautiful Erza reached him, but when close to the hare's scut paused as if measuring the distance, so as not to make a mistake this time but seize his hind leg.
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