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n. Slang
A repulsive or disgusting person or thing.

[scuzz, a disgusting person or thing; see scuzzy + ball.]
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In Canada they include: bag of wind, scuzzball, blatherskite, a trained seal, jerk, pig and, bizarrely, a weathervane.
Over the years, the following words and phrases have fallen into that category in Canada: parliamentary pugilist (1875); a bag of wind (1878); inspired by forty-rod whiskey (1881); coming into the world by accident (1886); blatherskite (1890); the political sewer pipe from Carleton County (1917); lacking in intelligence (1934); a dim-witted saboteur (1956); liar (consistently from 1959 to the present); a trained seal (1961); evil genius (1962); Canadian Mussolini (1964); pompous ass (1967); fuddle duddie (1971); pig (1977); jerk (1980); sleaze bag (1984); racist (1986); scuzzball (1988).
Indeed the passage of time could be measured by the state of their haircuts -Sergeant still lurked on the sidelines beneath a floppy fringe while Mac's once towering hairdo has turned into a bit of a scuzzball lift-job as it chased former glories.
Endowed with natural intelligence, Scuzzball becomes an artist at cocaine extraction and sets himself up as a chemist, hiring out his knowledge so that his fellow peasants can coax a little more product out of their coca bushes.
The New York veteran of scuzzball howling-at-the-moon blues and assorted mayhem seems to have hit the bottom of the barrel after a decade of success.