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adj. scuz·zi·er, scuz·zi·est Slang
1. Dirty; grimy: scuzzy floors.
2. Disreputable; sleazy: "ran a scuzzy operation" (Myra MacPherson).

[From scuzz, a disgusting person or thing, possibly from blend of scum and fuzz.]
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adj, -zier or -ziest
slang chiefly US unkempt, dirty, or squalid
[C20: perhaps from disgusting or perhaps from a blend of scum and fuzz]
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(ˈskʌz i)

adj. scuzz•i•er, scuzz•i•est. Slang.
dirty; repulsive; disgusting.
[1965–70; expressive coinage]
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[ˈskʌzɪ] ADJ (esp US) → cutre
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029 2023 2199 MUSIC Mammoth Penguins Cambridge Mammoth Penguins, above, make careering melodies backed up by scuzzy guitars.
As a solo artiste, however, he works unnder the curious moniker Pascalwillnotsurvivethis - creatiing a sort of punk take on scuzzy alternative folk.
A truly eclectic piece of scuzzy mastery that is both as bleak and as bright as our future can be.
This is a truly eclectic piece of scuzzy mastery that is both as bleak and as bright as our future can be.
And it's all about to get much worse when she meets the real Henry (a scuzzy looking Max Beesley), who puts her through hell.
With a scuzzy style to match its sleazeball vision of spotlight desperation and depravity, this Tinseltown satire--led by voice work from Paul Rudd and Patton Oswalt--revels in the foulness of 21st-century pop culture, albeit to a degree that's ultimately both exhausting and redundant.
They have been described as 'avoiding fashionable psychedelia in favour of a darker and more menacing sound, with their scuzzy and cinematic music suitable for any videos attempting a cool, retro feel in the vein of Pulp Fiction.'
WEDNESDAY DARLIA The grunge revivalists come King Tut's bringing with them a ton of scuzzy riffs and songbook full of massive singalong choruses. If you're unsigned or on an indie label, send your music to Rick Fulton Daily Record, One Central Quay, Glasgow G3 8DA, or email Kill City Radio Starts It All EP WOW, now this is a scuzzy breath of fresh air.
"Rekorder" is centered on Maven, who shifts from being a former professional cinematographer to a scuzzy videographer, compulsively recording everything from the birth of his daughter to crime on the streets.
There's nothing precocious about the record's first single, "All I Really Want," a zigzagging, anxious jammer that pairs the listless angst of classic punk with the scuzzy garage-rock sounds The Bots have been making since before they were in high school.
The only beautiful thing about the interior of the musty synagogue were the blue stained glass windows, which filtered light over the faded red cloth seats and scuzzy dark red carpet.