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An implement consisting of a long, curved single-edged blade with a long handle, used for mowing or reaping.
tr.v. scythed, scyth·ing, scythes
To cut with or as if with a scythe.

[Middle English sithe, from Old English sīthe, sickle; see sek- in Indo-European roots.]
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Internationaldebut hit top gear late on and scythed through the pack, but the winner had already flown and passed the post two and three-quarter lengths ahead.
And it will surely have a scythe in the hand because, according to Limani, during his entire rule, he scythed everything that is ethnic Albanian.
Already successful at Ripon this term, the inform gelding scythed through Colorus and the pacesetting runner-up Mr Rooney to collect by two and three-quarter lengths under Royston Ffrench.
Ben Jones' penalty in the 85th minute was the winner, but Skem were denied a stone-wall penalty in injury time when Chris Almond was scythed down in the box.
The DR Congo striker was gift-wrapped an opportunity when Efe Sodje scythed down Ricky Ravenhill in the box.
The 30-year-old scythed down the Proteas' top order in the first session to repay the selectors' faith in preferring him to leg-spinner Stuart MacGill for the match.
The landing craft spewed forth its souls The hopeful with no hope And hundreds fell, scythed down like grass To take a sandy slope
Peak To Creek was backed in to odds-on favouritism and had every chance when slipped through a gap on the rails to take over with two furlongs to run, but Pastoral Pursuits scythed him down and seemed tohave the race in the bag.