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(word root) apart
Examples of words with the root se-: seduce, select
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1. southeast.
2. southeastern.
3. Standard English.


Chem. Symbol.


a prefix meaning “apart,” occurring in loanwords from Latin: seduce; select.
[< Latin sē(d) (preposition), sē- (prefix) without, apart]
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References in classic literature ?
When he came to the creek that was shallow and splashed down over the stones, he dashed into the water and turned to look back, and when he saw his grandfather still running toward him with the long knife held tightly in his hand he did not hesitate, but reaching down, se- lected a stone and put it in the sling.
Then Huckleberry and Tom stood dumb and star- ing, and heard the stony-hearted liar reel off his se- rene statement, they expecting every moment that the clear sky would deliver God's lightnings upon his head, and wondering to see how long the stroke was delayed.
Caption: Figure 4: Coordination number distributions, [CN.sub.ij], for the Ge-Se and Se-Ge bonds (a) and Sb-Se and Se- Sb bonds (b) in the corresponding compositions of [Ge.sub.40][Se.sub.60] (black square), [Ge.sub.35][Sb.sub.5][Se.sub.60] (red circle), [Ge.sub.32][Sb.sub.8][Se.sub.60] (blue triangle), [Ge.sub.27][Sb.sub.13][Se.sub.60] (green crosses), [Ge.sub.20][Sb.sub.20][Se.sub.60] (orange square), and [Ge.sub.15][Sb.sub.25][Se.sub.60] (purple reverse triangle).