sea island cotton

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Sea Island cotton

A fine, long-staple cotton originally cultivated in southeastern North America.

[After the Sea Islands.]
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Sea island cotton

A very long staple cotton originally grown on islands off the coast of South Carolina and Georgia. It is now mostly grown in the Caribbean.
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Noun1.Sea island cotton - small bushy tree grown on islands of the Caribbean and off the Atlantic coast of the southern United Statessea island cotton - small bushy tree grown on islands of the Caribbean and off the Atlantic coast of the southern United States; yields cotton with unusually long silky fibers
cotton plant, cotton - erect bushy mallow plant or small tree bearing bolls containing seeds with many long hairy fibers
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Some Manchester chaps said it was as good as any Sea Island cotton on the market."
In 2016, TEPA held a private business-to-business exhibition for Saint Lucia's largest tourist retailer, Sea Island Cotton Shop, and with five local manufacturers of primarily aromatherapy and herbal products as well as high-end chocolates.
The origin of sea island cotton. Agricultural History 50: 391-399.
Charles, who has been buying his shirts from the company for the past 40 years, saw all parts of the manufacturing process and was presented with a blue sea island cotton shirt that was inscribed to commemorate his visit.
The average diameter of a cotton fibre 0.0004 inch in most cottons and 0.0002 inch in the finest Sea Island Cotton, i.e., from 10.16 micron to 5.08 micron.
Two's company...Dayle wears John Smedley sea island cotton cardigan pounds 115 with scarf pounds 50, Calvin Klein vest pounds 17 with Christian Audigier classic fit jeans pounds 220, all from Harvey Nichols with model's own shoes.
The final push towards the first export of Sea Island Cotton from Nevis to Japan commenced on May 13, when the New River Ginnery cranked into motion after a four-year suspension, to gin 22,000 pounds of raw cotton, reports Caribbean Net News (May 16, 2008).
A pure new wool, a Sea Island cotton or a linen knit?
Q.James Bespoke three-button suit (fabric by Loro Piana, super 120s) and French-cuff shirt (Sea Island cotton); Anthony T.
Harris said the company is using a special cotton, known as Sea Island Cotton, grown in the Caribbean by a company called Carstarphen.
The costumes range from off-white Sea Island cotton togs for Prospero and