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Noun1.sea scooter - a motorboat resembling a motor scootersea scooter - a motorboat resembling a motor scooter
motorboat, powerboat - a boat propelled by an internal-combustion engine
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An RNLI sea scooter was used to rescue the mother while a lifeboat was sent to recover the father and daughter.
The Sea Scooter ride was a popular choice perfect for our adventurous eldest.
Bladefish Sea Scooter pounds 299 ***
The Reef Rider is a strippeddown sea scooter that can reach speeds of up to 2.2mph, run for 50 minutes and works at depths up to three meters.
Early in October, unknown gunmen shot three Israeli hikers in the Jericho area, a car bomb exploded against a bus carrying Israeli soldiers and a presumed Palestinian terrorist was blown out of the water from a sea scooter off the Lebanese coast.
Sea scooter, pounds 329, rechargeable spare battery, pounds 49.99.
You can also browse for a host of great gizmos including an underwater dolphin sea scooter (pounds 149), easy enough for kids to use in the pool but powerful enough for an adult, or the aurora colour- changing alarm clock which wakes you with a beep and if you wake early you can tell what time it is because the colour changes each hour (pounds 17) or why not go for the pet doorbell (pounds 20) which puts paid to Fido's scratching and lets him announce his presence by pressing a paw pad!
BE king of Neptune's playground with this cool Sea Scooter - your ultimate James Bond underwater gadget.
Vicky won a special sea scooter gadget, which drags swimmers through water, James and Harry won cinema tickets and Ben won a swimming voucher.
The activities will follow a fun theme and will include mini-water polo, sea scooter sessions and fun swims.
To find out when sea scooter sessions are available, people should contact their local swimming pool.
set the place apart with an energetic entertainment team and a Go Active kids' programme including archery, golf, fencing, zorbing, den building, sea scooters, snorkelling and crossbow.