sea spray

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Noun1.sea spray - spray from ocean wavessea spray - spray from ocean waves    
spray - water in small drops in the atmosphere; blown from waves or thrown up by a waterfall
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The sand-dunes aren't very far away--the sea winds blow over them and the sea spray drenches them.
Dreams Unlimited Sun Fresh EDT contains sea spray and fruity watermelon for an unexpected fragrance fusion, which is energising and refreshing; and lemon and amber are added to the classic musk fragrance to create White Musk Sun Glow EDT, a particularly seductive and feminine fragrance.
There are also zipped pockets for casualty care kit, torches, gloves or knives and a spray hood designed to protect the wearer from sea spray.
Excursions to feel the sea spray at Kinsale or walk the final chapter of a Titanic tragedy in Cobh are just a short hop away from the city, and a picturesque one at that.
We were soaked by the sea spray, shared stories, food and laughter.
Beneath the Antarctic ozone hole, high-speed winds whip up large amounts of sea spray, which contains millions of tiny salt particles.
Above, sea spray in Porthcawl, Workington's Camerton Bridge and MP Russell Brown
I had naively parked alongside the sea wall and I was caught by sea spray from the high waves.
The Planet Earth: Shallow Seas programme has been adapted with new 3-D visuals and the audience will also be showered with sea spray, feel the gust of sea breeze and smell the unmistakable odour of sea kelp.
New songs Sea Spray, Push It Along and Invisible were well received and sat easily alongside his solo hits Broken Stones, Wild Wood and Changing Man.
Another potential ploy would be to send sea spray into the air to make existing clouds whiter in order to enable them to reflect more sunlight, in a bid to offset the heat trapped by increasing levels of greenhouse gases.
EDINBURGH Bravehearts out yesterday but street party was axed' BRIDGEND Drivers return from a woodland stroll to find trees blown across the car park' SYDNEY Spectacular display at Harbour Bridge' DAWLISH A train powers through the sea spray as waves lash a stretch of Devon coastline