sea spray

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Noun1.sea spray - spray from ocean wavessea spray - spray from ocean waves    
spray - water in small drops in the atmosphere; blown from waves or thrown up by a waterfall
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The sand-dunes aren't very far away--the sea winds blow over them and the sea spray drenches them."
There's a hint of sea spray behind its fresh, lemony acidity with floral scents lifted by a hint of apricot with lime, peach and apple flavours, mineral notes and a breezy, lifted finish.
"And the sumptuous Cask 5824 from Ardbeg is filled with delicious contrasts - deep, nutty tastes softened by hints of Ardbeg icecream, sea spray and peat."
While monitoring stations provide reliable measurements of precipitation on land, such measurements are not as easily obtained at sea, because typical measuring instruments such as gauges are not as accurate on oceanic platforms due to wind and sea spray effects.
A 3-bedroom, 2-bath cape on .29 acres at 160 Sea Spray Drive fetched $825,000 in cash.
A must with moules mariniere and crusty French bread to dip in the white wine sauce, you can almost sense the sea spray hitting the deck.
about lotus land: "Sea spray covers your skin with salt
Second, the pollutants concentrated in surface biofilms contaminate sea spray from bursting bubbles, which dry up as microparticles carried inland on breezes.
The mermaid swam with the dolphins But you were not among them You failed to call home before leaving This made it difficult to find you We vaguely remembered your death robe Sea Spray seared eyelids of voyeurs That false-alarm Sunday morning when waves puked a drunken scarf and blue jeans.
The microorganisms - which can be disease-carrying - get picked up from soil or dust, as well as from sea spray, but researchers found a majority of viruses entering the atmosphere from sea spray.
'Jade Garden', 'Rose Petal' and 'Sea Spray' are the three personalities.