sea water

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Hence I was led to dry stems and branches of 94 plants with ripe fruit, and to place them on sea water. The majority sank quickly, but some which whilst green floated for a very short time, when dried floated much longer; for instance, ripe hazel-nuts sank immediately, but when dried, they floated for 90 days and afterwards when planted they germinated; an asparagus plant with ripe berries floated for 23 days, when dried it floated for 85 days, and the seeds afterwards germinated: the ripe seeds of Helosciadium sank in two days, when dried they floated for above 90 days, and afterwards germinated.
correspondence, which they took with tongs, dipped it in sea water,
In reality the column of water would be shorter, as we are speaking of sea water, the density of which is greater than that of fresh water.
Not at all, but I have ye; for at the time poor Tash fell in, the case had been nearly emptied of its lighter contents, leaving little but the dense tendinous wall of the well --a double welded, hammered substance, as I have before said, much heavier than the sea water, and a lump of which sinks in it like lead almost.
Occasionally surges of sea water washed over her feet, which he could see were encased in rubber sea-boots.
When her hands were loosed he took some sea water and sprinkled it over her face.
Flood plan for Karachi: The prime minister on Monday approved a plan aimed at protecting Karachi and other cities in Sindh from flooding and devastation from sea water, a press release issued by the Prime Minister's Office said.
The sea water temperature will be +23-24C, on south beaches (Turkan, Hovsan, Sahil, Shikh).
Sassui Palijo said that the sea water is destroying the agricultural lands with the passage of time and so far it has affected thousands of acres of land.
According to estimates, nearly 2.5 million acres of Thatta and Badin districts have been eaten away by sea water. Environmentalists fear that if the sea intrusion is not stopped, sea water will reach Thatta by 2050 and the Indus Delta will be completely submerged.
Contract award notice: Delivery of the sea rib hybrid boat with a slip for launching in sea water adapted to be attached to an agricultural tractor (transport or agricultural catch) and rescue and asekurac equipment (poland-warsaw: Boats)
Provincial Department of Environment director Samut Sothearith told The Post on Sunday that the sea water has returned to its original condition, while wastewater released into the sea prior to the canal blockage will be cleared soon.