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or sea horse  (sē′hôrs′)
1. Any of various small marine fishes of the genus Hippocampus, characteristically swimming in an upright position and having a prehensile tail, a head that resembles that of a horse, and a body encased in bony rings.
2. A walrus.
3. Mythology An animal, half fish and half horse, ridden by Neptune and other sea gods.
4. A large white-capped wave.
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(ˈsiːhɔːs) or

sea horse

1. (Animals) any marine teleost fish of the temperate and tropical genus Hippocampus, having a bony-plated body, a prehensile tail, and a horselike head and swimming in an upright position: family Syngnathidae (pipefishes)
2. (Animals) archaic another name for walrus
3. (Classical Myth & Legend) a fabled sea creature with the tail of a fish and the front parts of a horse
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Noun1.seahorse - either of two large northern marine mammals having ivory tusks and tough hide over thick blubberseahorse - either of two large northern marine mammals having ivory tusks and tough hide over thick blubber
pinnatiped, pinniped, pinniped mammal - aquatic carnivorous mammal having a streamlined body specialized for swimming with limbs modified as flippers
genus Odobenus, Odobenus - type genus of the Odobenidae: walruses
Atlantic walrus, Odobenus rosmarus - a walrus of northern Atlantic and Arctic waters
Odobenus divergens, Pacific walrus - a walrus of the Bering Sea and northern Pacific
2.seahorse - small fish with horse-like heads bent sharply downward and curled tails; swim in upright position
pipefish, needlefish - fish with long tubular snout and slim body covered with bony plates
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sea horse [ˈsiːhɔːrs] nhippocampe m
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