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a. A line of junction formed by sewing together two pieces of material along their margins.
b. A similar line, ridge, or groove made by fitting, joining, or lapping together two sections along their edges.
c. A suture.
d. A scar.
2. A line across a surface, as a crack, fissure, or wrinkle.
3. A thin layer or stratum, as of coal or rock.
v. seamed, seam·ing, seams
1. To put together with or as if with a seam.
2. To mark with a groove, wrinkle, scar, or other seamlike line.
To become fissured or furrowed; crack open.

[Middle English seme, from Old English sēam; see syū- in Indo-European roots.]

seam′er n.


1. a person or thing that seams
2. (Cricket) another name for seam bowler


Medium pace bowler who moves the ball by angling the seam of the ball.
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Summary: Johannesburg [South Africa], Nov 22 (ANI): England have announced their team for the opening Ashes Test in Brisbane and have confirmed that Jake Ball will be their fourth seamer after being passed fit.
The linchpin seamer has recovered from the mystery stomach upset which compromised his contribution as the tourists stumbled to a 239-run defeat against England at The Oval.
Middlesex seamer Murtagh dismissed Xander Pitchers (0), Stephan Baard (1), and Raymond van Schoor (1) to leave the Namibian second innings in tatters but the game will still go to a final day after the hosts reached 173-7.
The 3 week long Highways England scheme will tackle flooding issues around Seamer roundabout, where the B1261 Main Street meets the A64.
LOAN Nottinghamshire seamer Andy Carter again showed his worth to Glamorgan with a four-wicket haul on a rain-interrupted second day of their County Championship clash with Derbyshire at the Swalec Stadium.
If we did play Chappie and Peter Siddle, with Tom Smith as the all-rounder, we probably then only have space for one more seamer in the Championship side.
PERTH -- India's inform seamer Mohammad Shami will miss Saturday's World Cup clash against the United Arab Emirates in Perth due to a knee injury, a media release from the team said.
ENGLAND have summoned Essex seamer Tymal Mills to Australia to train with the Ashes squad.
Summary: London: New Zealand seamer Tim Southee has been passed fit to play in the first .
The England selectors have kept faith with seamer Onions, who missed all of last season due to a back injury that required surgery in September.
The sixth running of the four-race series saw six South Korean riders tackle Syu Ishibashi from Japan, Oliver Castillo from America, Akin Sozen from Turkey, Muzi Yeni from South Africa, Scott Seamer from Australia and Ireland's McCullough for a top prize of $20,000.
Summary: England kick off the series against Bangladesh, with seamer Stuart Broad set to play despite the death of his step-mother yesterday.