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1. Having no seams: seamless stockings.
2. Perfectly consistent: a seamless plot in the novel.

seam′less·ly adv.
seam′less·ness n.


the state or quality of being seamless
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The NAMA boss noted that in a bid to ensure seamlessness in air navigation in the country, that the agency has committed enormous resources in providing necessary facilities especially in the areas of Communication, Navigation and Surveillance equipment.
The structure looks simple and minimalistic, but there are numerous calculations and exquisite techniques to complete its seamlessness.
Cargo is "visible" to agents, shippers and consignees through its web tracking system as the system interfaces with the existing Oman Customs' Bayan network and airlines' operation systems, thus providing seamlessness and convenience for the fast clearance of goods.
Ad stitching is performed in a way that perfectly replicates the seamlessness of the original broadcast channel, while allowing full addressability so that the relevance of the advertising to the user is enhanced.
The convenience and seamlessness to go from point A to point B are big factors for travellers.
The point is seamlessness throughout a space rather than a few alternative options here and there.
To call these stories magical is not an empty word choice, because Smith is a narrative magician here, often employing an artful sleight of hand that can suddenly move a story from one idea to the next with the seamlessness of a casual conversation.
A specialized compound flows over the intricate geometries of the housing, removing imperfections, establishing a seamlessness between materials and producing a pristine mirror-like surface.
90 minutes of gloriously What makes the show so enjoyable is the seamlessness with which it moves through genres - musical theatre, sitcom, drama, music gig and farce all make pleasant appearances throughout.
As for features, we'd seen that a joined-up approach to the sales pipeline gets results, but achieving that seamlessness has traditionally meant paying for multiple packages at great expense.
The implementation roadmap for the smart government vision, Bishr said, was based on several pillars, the main ones being "efficiency, safety, seamlessness and experience".
One of the most important factors for the success of smart cities is the seamlessness and availability of round-the-clock integrated and connected services that meet daily living requirements.