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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: language - a source language consisting of procedural operators that invoke functions to be executed
source language - a language that is to be translated into another language
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Western firms are also keen to acquire local products that are accurately programmed for Arabic, the favoured online search language for a large chunk of the region's population.
The phone automatically determines whether Bing is supported based on the browser and search language. This language is derived from the default region format, and can be modified by the user.
In addition, it brings a new simplified search language for users who prefer iterative searches.
Technologies like SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) allow highly interactive information exchanges between sites, and the XQuery search language can render from well-tagged XML data specific sections and subsets of documents.
Search Language Search Language Successful search Failed search Total Hebrew 8% 30% 38% English and other languages 59% 3% 62% Total 67% 33% 100% no 42% yes 58% Figure 3.
The software would then browse through the corpus of texts and look for the wanted expression in the search language while the correspondence would be shown in the target language parallel to the search language.
Back in 1990, there were just three databases containing 40,000 records accessible via a specific search language. At that time, the service was mainly used by research specialists who understood the technical aspects of the software.
This extensive research site allows the user to search language tools, a thesaurus, a word translator, for people, quotations, maps, telephone books, convert currency, view stock quotes, find zip codes, track shipping, and search the Internet.
Searches can be made by author, title, key-word, subject or series and the normal Boolean operators are available for complex searching (curiously the search language is American, but that is presumably something to do with the software).
Training people to use CDs, and to understand the cultural rules (search language) and the new environment (functional setup, linking, split screens, exporting, cutting and pasting) are the challenges.
"Dialog has been available for more than 25 years and has a very powerful search language that is somewhat cryptic," says Kenna Mawk, the market development manager for science and technology at KRI.
It is worth noting that to the extent that the participating systems are relatively homogeneous--for example, supplied by the same vendor--the limitations of a lowest common denominator search language are minimized.